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Discover the Gold Rush Difference

The vacation rental industry is the largest and fastest growing segment within the hospitality business today. This billion dollar industry continues to grow at record pace. There is no better time to get into vacation renting by partnering with a professional team to give you a competitive edge without compromise.

Whether you are already renting or newly considering the vacation rental market, now is the time to optimize your potential for success by joining in partnership with Gold Rush Resort Rentals.

Keeping up with this rapidly evolving industry can be more than a challenge for the entrepreneurial, DIY, homeowner.

Current DIY Home Owner

You Need to Position Yourself to Succeed!

If you are a homeowner currently trying to manage your own rentals you are most certainly aware of the daunting tasks you must contend with in order to give your property and its’ guests the attention they both deserve. Ask yourself these simple questions…..

  1. Can you respond to a guest request in a timely manner in order not to lose the rental?
  2. Are you able to be effective in the “full” range of services without compromise?
  3. Are you confident that the person(s) you trust to perform services that will ultimately protect your home and its contents are trustworthy, reliable, properly insured, and more?
  4. Can you manage dozens of travel channels “effectively”?

As you already know, these are just a few of the many issues that play an important part of successfully competing in our exceptionally challenging Big Bear rental market. If you said no to any of the above you are not positioning yourself to succeed and therefore not...

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Maximizing your share of the vacation rental market!


If you are an owner that is considering trying it yourself and are curiously browsing, keep in mind that it is not as simple as one would think. Managing a vacation rental takes a lot of work, time, and financial investments in technology, marketing, and time management.

The day to day tasks associated with managing bookings via phone and email, vetting incoming guests, onsite assistance during the guest stay, ensuring that your property is protected while guests are in residence, complicity with city codes and ordinances, continual oversight of the staff that assists at the location, maintaining proper accounting, paying the city, county, state, and local taxes, the list of tasks is incredibly extensive. Once owners become aware of these issues, most agree, these tasks are too arduous for one individual to take on independently and participate effectively in this highly competitive market.

Position Yourself and Your Property to Succeed!

Why choose Gold Rush Resort Rentals as your partner?

Gold Rush Resort Rentals is an authentically based full service management company devoted to excellence in the services we provide. Successful, effective, quality programs don’t just happen they take hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the process. Keeping it local, Keeping it controlled, Keeping it simple, and keeping it quality is our focus. Honesty, Integrity, and dedication to customer service and satisfaction are the benchmarks of our success with both homeowners and guests alike.

Our dedicated team is comprised of thoughtful and caring individuals, locally raised, they undisputedly love the area, know and understand the importance of service to others, believe in pride in workmanship, and are genuinely anxious to please in the work they are entrusted to perform. It’s important not to underestimate the value guests’ place on demonstrative sincerity in customer care! Unfortunately, this old fashion practice has been potentially lost within nationally branded companies not personally invested within the area or companies who have grown so large that the focus is often times placed on other matters.

We proudly specialize in our local area of Big Bear Lake and deliberately maintain an intimately sized inventory and staff in order to sustain the highest standards of care. Effectively guaranteeing our owners and their properties personal attention, step by step involvement, immediate response to needs, with open and frequent communication.

All our staff will know you and your property and we in turn will know them and the vendors. We are family owned and operated, we know the personnel who handles the multi-faceted day to day operations which should be important to all owners. There is a difference between an entity or national brand branching into the area that will never be based in Big Bear. Hiring from afar without have the benefit of actually personally meeting the individual or the work that is performed can be problematic.

The partnership between the owner and management is about building trust in our relationship. We value and appreciate the owners and guests who choose to make us part of their experience and never take that for granted.

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Owner Friendly Policies:

We are proud to be thought of as the most owner friendly management company in Big Bear. Our program was developed by owners themselves who, by their own experience under management, understand that owners want to use their property at any time, do not want to be forced to give up their time using their own home during holiday dates, pay to use their home because they are forced into cleanings done by the company whenever there is an occupancy of any kind, or placing limits on how many nights they can use their own home just because they placed their home for vacation rental.

Flexible Services No Long Term Contracts:

At Gold Rush Resort Rentals, we like to think of our owners as partners and therefore offer flexibility in the services we provide as well as allow owners to reserve their own time whenever they want any season of the year, holiday or non-holiday. Whether you choose to call us direct or use your owner on-line account, scheduling your time in your property as well as specific services will be simple and easy whenever you want.

No long term contracts, our flexible month to month agreement allows owners to opt out at any time. We only ask that you respect and honor the rentals that already exist on the calendar.

World Class Booking Opportunities!

In order to reach guests searching to stay in our area and likely to book your home we have partnered with many national travel brands as well as their booking syndicates and multi-channel sources that target the Big Bear area and will be searching to stay in your home. Your home will be showcased within our website as well as notable and well established sources such as, Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, Trip Advisor, HomeAway, VRBO, and their multi-tiered subsidiary brands reaching more than 200 additional brands and growing.

Your calendar will always be up to date and available 24/7 with the ability to book instantly at the best rate. Our software is continuously implementing the newest advances which keep us up to date and able to immediately implement the latest protocols available.

Enjoy More Bookings with our RATE INTELLIGENCE Pricing……

Our technology is extensive and the success it brings is compelling.

We pride ourselves in the technology we use and can confidently state that our intuitive rate intelligence software can compete at the same level as a national brand!

Our yield management guarantees more bookings with intuitive rate adjustments based upon the algorithms that measure real-time market conditions with 24/7 responsive rate adjustments. This means that your rate will adjust to an appealingly rate for any given day, week, or season to attract more reservations. Which also means that your home will rent more often throughout the year, not only during high demand seasons.

The algorithms take into account local events, the distance to attractions, the rates consumers are reserving on other destination websites and widely known and advertised listing channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com and others.


The technology we use guarantees that your booking calendar is perpetually updated and ready to instantly be booked across all the channels it is marketed on.

Perpetually Clean:

Your property will be kept in a state of rental readiness at all times in order to facilitate any last minute or unexpected quick turn reservation. The cleanings are completed using an extensive check-list in order to ensure that nothing gets overlooked and followed up by an additional quality control inspector.

No long term contracts, our flexible month to month agreement allows owners to opt out at any time. We only ask that you respect and honor the rentals that already exist on the calendar.

Keeping Your Home Secure With Our Proven Best Screening Practices

Extending warm, inviting hospitality with a personal touch includes careful screening of the travelers with an emphasis on the protection of your property. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that guests know that we appreciate their business but also want them to treat your home with respect.

Our team is trained to inform the guests of our policies verbally to ensure that the guest fully understands what is expected. We back this up within our detailed rental agreement as well as documentable I.D. verification during our face to face check-in and kind verbal reminders prior to key disbursement.

We understand that many companies use key codes and the like, however, we believe that a personal connection and verification of the guest is still the most effective way to guard against unapproved guests gaining access to your property. Our 24/7 service team can be at the home at a moments notice anytime day or night to address any security or service issues.

Protecting Against Damage:

Our procedures of vetting guests during the rental process and verification at check-in has proven to be successful in deterring intentional damage. On the average, our approach has resulted in less than 1% of all rentals experiencing damage. This practice has proven to be quite successful.

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We work with area organizations to promote tourism to Big Bear and have found much success with repeat and referring guests alike. We use industry leading technology(ies) to globally reach guests specifically looking to travel to Big Bear. Collectively, our practices have created an extensive list of past guests and inquiries that we continually cultivate and manage in order to promote and encourage loyalty in returning visits to your home to maximize your financial returns.

Our marketing also includes, but is not limited to, print ads within local newspapers and magazines, radio and television. As our owner partner we offer you a property exclusive website to use as you wish for your family and friends.

You Have Everything to Gain & Nothing to Lose!

With our owner friendly policies and no long term agreements owners have more to gain by choosing to partner with Gold Rush Resort Rentals without hesitation. There’s no better time to begin a vacation partnership than today!

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Let Us Help You Succeed!

Gold Rush Resort Rentals is a proactive, technology savvy, boutique business, able to effectively compete, while intentionally remaining an intimate size, in order to maintain the attention to details that our owners and guests have come to appreciate. Our team is always responsive to your needs and our services are tailored to your individual preferences.

As one of our valued homeowners experience hassle-free management freedom from worry, round the clock support, quality you can rely on, service you can trust, at prices you can afford.

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