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What to Bring to Big Bear Lake When Renting A Cabin.

Added: Apr 08, 2019
Category: Things to Do in Big Bear

Being prepared always makes for a better experience. All Big Bear vacation homes are setup for simple housekeeping and cooking.

Each vacation home is furnished to the individual owner's taste. Therefore, amenities, decor, furnishings, etc.will vary greatly between properties. Amenities shown in photos are not available for tenant use unless specifically stated in the homes' description.

All vacation homes provide bedspreads, pillows, a vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, coffee maker, toaster or toaster oven, microwave, and other kitchen items for simple meal preparation and serving.

Gold Rush does not offer items to rent and highly recommends taking these suggestions in order to enjoy a more comfortable stay....

Personal pillow - although all homes provide pillows, usually one gets a better sleep brining your own based on personal preference.

Paper products: Upon preparing the home for your arrival, our team installs a few items as an initial convenience. This does not imply that the amount of which is intended to last your entire stay. We do offer the ability to add to your reservation additional amenity packages if you so choose. Otherwise, you should consider bringing your own or purchasing them at any one of the convenience stores in our destination. Please discuss the details with the booking agent.

Kitchen items such as aluminum and plastic wraps, plastic garbage bags, and condiments of your choosing.

Specialty cook and bake ware, non-stick cooking spray, you may need based on your preferences.

Personal toiletries such as bath soap, tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, conditioner.

Hair Dryer

Extra Blankets - winter season only. Although each home does have its own supply of blankets, if you have specific needs it is advisable that you bring your preference along.

Free Standing Fan - Spring & Summer Seasons. Although there are homes that have ceiling fans, not all homes offer this. Most homes in the mountains do not have air conditioning. It is not often that temperatures raise to a degree that is uncomfortable, however, every person has their own opinion of comfort.

Bath Towels if you did not add towel service to your reservation.

Beach Towels for homes with hot tubs.

Baby Items - pack-n-play, high chair, baby gate, etc.

Sunscreen & Chapstick - year round

 Laundry Detergent if your home has a washer.

Flashlight for intermittent power outages that are common in mountain regions and emergency purposes.

Battery operated radio

Although vacation homes differ in their amenities based on each individual owner, it is not standard to have the items listed below. Pleases review the list and decide whether you should bring along any.

Food Processor or Blender
Rice Cookers, crock pots, or casserole cookware
Large roasters for turkeys etc., small, medium, and large serving platters and/or bowls
Special or extra large pots and pans
Multiple pots/pans for cooking extensive meals for large groups
Multiple sized containers for leftovers.
Baking Sheets or cake/cupcake pans
Hand mixer, measuring cups/spoons, candy or food thermometer
Wine opener, wine glasses, wine carafe
Specialty bar-b-quing utensils and accessories
Chef's knifes, electric carving knife
Ladles for soup and/or punch

When traveling one should expect to bring whatever item listed above that could be required depending upon your choice of meal preparation to avoid disappointment.

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