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Answers to Our Guests FAQ'S

Added: Feb 27, 2018
Category: Big Bear Cabin Rental Policies & FAQ

For your convenience we have provided the answers below to commonly asked questions surrounding various issues pertaining to arrival, departure, and other aspects of the vacation rental process.

Can I make a reservation right on the website?
Absolutely! You can reserve a home directly on our web site, or call our friendly prospectors at (909) 866-5678 or toll free (800) 363-8303.

Can I see what the cost will be on-line prior to actuallyreserving the cabin?   Yes. As long as there isn’t a special discount involved on the home during your dates, you will be able to access the calculation table
for each home. However, your final balance will not calculate until you have made your choices on a few services. You will need to choose whether or not you wish to have towel service, travel insurance protection, as well as choose between purchasing a Vacation Rental Damage Plan or putting up a Security Deposit. Please make sure you read the information throughly. Should you have questions at anytime you are welcome to call our number anytime day or night to speak to a guest relations representative.

Does the special or discount pricing reflect on the rental calculation on-line?  No. The calculated rates are reflective of our standard pricing. The only special that will reflect properly would be specials that have a “Promo” code attached to it. If there is a promo code than you will need to enter the code in order for the calculation option to show the proper rates calculated. Please check under the special offers and deals page against the timing of your stay, the amount of nights, etc. to determine whether or not your stay qualifies for one of our discounts, if so, select the discount assignment within the extras when making your reservation on-line or simply call our office to discuss it with our agents.

What are my options in finding out the Specials & Discounted rates without Promo Codes? Without a promotional code you will need to call our office for your specific quote regarding the special rate. Also, the special rate will need to be manually entered by our agent to reflect properly on your rental agreement.

Will I be able to find any Specials or Discounts online?   Yes. You can browse our main navigation option of “Specials Offers & Deals” to see if the offer is consistent with your stay. Calculations will need to be done by our agent in order for the discount to be applied as the system will not currently calculate the offers. 

How do I know my on-line reservation is accepted?   We accept on-line reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have requested a reservation on-line after hours our office will contact you the following morning to confirm your request and give you necessary information to retrieve and sign your rental documents.

Will my credit card be charged immediately?   Once we receive your on-line booking request we will confirm that the dates are open and available and process the proper amount according to the reservation specifics.                             

Will my credit card be charged the entire amount at once?  This depends upon how close you are to your arrival dates as well as what booking channel you used when making your reservation. You will pay either 50% of the total cost or the entire amount depending upon how soon you are occupying the cabin. All proceeds are due no later than 30 days prior to occupancy for non holiday rentals and 90 days prior to occupancy for holiday rentals. If you are making your reservation a minimum of 6 months prior to your arrival dates and you are booking direct through our company you may choose to opt into our EZ pay plan. The plan allows for your total to be divided into equal installments with the final payment due 1 month prior to your arrival. This option will need to be set up by our agent.

If I am not paying all at one time what can I expect on the balance due?   If you are not paying in full your subsequent balance will be automatically charged according to the dates stipulated within your rental agreement without further contact from you. When your card is charged you will receive a receipt via email.

When will I get Final Confirmation?  Once you have paid in full you will receive your confirmation package that includes various information regarding check-in, emergency numbers etc. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with all the documents we send you. They are meant to support an understanding of what to do as well as assist in helping make your vacation time and easier more convenient process.

Do you collect a Security Deposit?  Our guests have the option to choose the convenience of
purchasing a Vacation Rental Damage Plan or supplying us with a Security Deposit.The Vacation Rental Damage Plan is very affordable and protects against accidental damage as long as it is reported prior to your departure. If you choose to use the Security Deposit option, Security Deposit amounts range from $500 - $3500, in addition, if choosing a security deposit you will also be assessed a non refundable handling fee. Cost for the Damage Protection varies by property as does the Security Deposit and handling fee. The fee for the Damage Protection can be seen within the optional "extras" during the reservation process.  Please contact to our reservations agent for the current security deposit amounts as well as handling fee.

How do you accept Security Deposits:    We do not do preauthorizations for security deposits. We accept security deposits in the form of a Cashiers Check or Postal Money Order. We're sorry, no personal checks.

Can I bring my pet?   As long as you have declared the type of pet, rented a pet friendly cabin and have filled out our pet addendum to our contract. Pets must be approved prior to stay. Pets can only stay in pet friendly cabins and are restricted to be no larger than 25 lbs.each as well as no more than 2 dogs per property. No kittens, puppies, cats, large dogs, birds, reptiles (lizards or snakes). Each dog must have its own kennel to be used if the guest leaves the pet on premises without supervision. Please follow all the guidelines as stipulated in the pet addendum regarding your responsibilities pertaining to the cleanup etc. of your pet.   

How do I know how to get to your office location? Within our website you are able to access a variety of information. Also, the arrival and check-in documents will be emailed to you which includes a variety of optional driving directions to the office. We also recommend logging into your personal "Guest Pass" account within our website. From the moment you become our renter you will have access to this option. It will give you information regarding your reservation as well as a variety of Big Bear related information pertaining to attractions, things to do, restaurants, nightlife and more. This tool is very informative, we are pleased to offer this to our guests.

 How do I pick up keys?  We do not use lock boxes or door codes to enter the home. We disburse traditional keys.  You will pick up your keys at our office located at 40016 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake prior to arriving to your rental. The keys will only be released to the person whose name is listed on the reservation.

Group check-in, how does it work?  It is the booking guest’s responsibility to coordinate all parties arriving separately to direct them to their rental home. Please let your guests know not to come to the office on your behalf. The booking guest should provide each member of your group with a map available upon request) to their home and the unit phone number. Remember, it is the booking guest’s responsibility to Check-In at the office to pick up the keys, no one is to go to the house prior to Check-In at the office.

How does late arrivals get their keys?   If you are arriving after our office is closed you will need to refer to our “after hours” key pickup procedures. We highly recommend contacting our agents the day of your arrival to discuss procedures during your date of stay.

How do we get directions to the rental property?  You will get detailed directions to your cabin in your check-in package as well as within the Guest Pass module.

Should I bring my own firewood?  If you wish to that is fine, otherwise we sell firewood at our office which can be ordered ahead of time and delivered to your rental prior to your arrival.

What are my responsibilities on noise, groups, and parking?   Our rental homes are to be used for the QUIET enjoyment of our guests and NOT to be used for parties, large gatherings or receptions. The sleeping capacity of the home cannot be exceeded and the number of vehicles in the parking area cannot exceed capacity. Cars may not be parked in the yard or the street. Most parking spaces go by a standard car size, if you have larger vehicles, etc. No campers or camping on the grounds of the rental home is allowed.                                                

What should I bring?    As a rule, All of our homes provide bed linens (sheets, pillowcases, 1 blanket & bedspread per bed), and 1 bath towel, 1 hand, 1 washcloth per person for the occupancy of the unit. If you chose to opt out of the towel service you should make sure to bring all the towels you and your
guests will need for comfort.

Also provided is a starter supply of bar soap, dish soap (laundry soap is not provided), a scrub sponge, toilet paper, paper towels, and a few varied sizes of trash bags.

Since only starter supplies are provided for certain kitchen items, you may wish to bring extra supplies
that you might require or purchase them after your arrival. Other things you may need to include: flashlight, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, laundry soap, charcoal, kindling for fireplaces, extra towels for hot tubs, extra blankets (one per bed is supplied), extra pillows, shampoo, blow dryers, irons, a portable CD Player, VHS movies, clothing for inclement weather, blender, cookie sheets or other specialty baking dishes or utensils, aluminum foil or plastic wrap, coffee filters, portable baby cribs, high chairs, baby gates, etc.

During the winter season you should also bring snow chains no matter what the expected conditions as weather changes occur quickly and sometimes without notice. A shovel should be carried to help you when installing chains as well as removing berms and extra snow from your parking or walking path areas while at the property.

Why do I need to bring a flashlight?  Because there are fewer street lights in the mountains it becomes very dark after nightfall. Flashlights are handy to help when searching for street signs trying to find your way. Flashlights are also handy when an extended power outage occurs. Power outages in the mountains occur frequently. They can last for brief seconds, minutes, to hours depending upon the issues surrounding the problem.

What kind of shopping  and activities are in the area?   Vons, Stater Bros, K- Mart, Save-ons, Rite-aid, Starbucks, many fast food chains (Mc Donalds, Taco Bell, El Polo Loco, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Subway, Denny’s, all kinds of Mom and Pop shops in the village as well as strewn throughout the Big Bear Lake and City areas. A cinema in the village, a bowling alley, Fun Zone full of various activities, pan for real gold and gemstones, mini golf, slick track racing, water slides, alpine slide, and lots of antique shops all around and many (about 100) different eatery’s and 7 gas stations. There’s also charter fishing tours, boat rentals of all types, parasailing, wake-boarding excursions, zip lining, as well as off road tours in the back country focusing on the gold mining that once was part of the history of Big Bear. We have mountain biking, hiking trails, canoe rentals and tours at the Discovery Center, Shooting Range, Horse Back Riding, we even have a professional theater! There are other things I am sure we have forgotten to mention here. Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), you are not traveling to an isolated area that you or your kids will be required to do without your normal way of life with a few other things mixed in for good measure.

What is in each home?  All cabins have pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc. in the kitchen, as well as sheets, pillows & cases and blankets.

Towel service: We have adopted our procedures on water wise conservation. Therefore, we do not  automatically provide towels unless you choose to opt into the service when signing your contract. The cost associated with towel service has not been added to your cleaning fee unless you elect to add the service as an extra. We appreciate your understanding and hope you embrace our efforts.

Every cabin has different amenities. Some have DVD players, VCR players, WiFi, basic or extended cable TV service, games, etc. These items are listed on the website under the page for each house. If it does not list something, it isn't in that particular house. It is also imperative to understand that these properties are not owned by Gold Rush Resort Rentals but by indivdiual owners who do not always share with us when a change has taken place. That stated, Gold Rush Resort Rentals does not guarantee an item will be in the home upon arrival and there will be no reduction in rent due to such. If you have specific concerns about specific amenities we highly encourage you to request these items ahead of time and we will go our best to see that you are accommodated in a home that is expected to have these items.

What should I expect when I enter the home?  The house is cleaned prior to arrivals, beds (except sofa beds) are made with fresh linens as well as fresh towels if the towel service has not been opted out by our guests. Our quality assurance personnel perform a thorough 100+ point inspection just prior to your arrival.

Pool tables have been inspected to ensure there are no rips, tears, gauges in the felt, all pool stick tips should be in place, and all the pool balls have been counted. Should you find anything that you have concerns or questions about please call our office for clarification.

What should I expect if my home has a hot tub?   The hot tub has been sanitized and professionally serviced. The spa temperature has been set up to rise to higher levels to be warm/hot and ready for your evening. Should you notice any concern, please report such to our office immediately.                                                 

Is there daily maid service?  Daily maid service is not provided. Should you wish extra serving you are welcome to call our office to see if extra services are available and the cost for such.  

What is the Vacation Damage Protection?  In an effort to save our guests money, we have provided this invaluable protection as an option in lieu of imposing hundreds of dollars in security deposits to our guests. The plan only covers accidental, unintentional damages with the stipulation that the guest is covered when the guest reports any damage prior to check out. This does not cover any damage that was unreported by the guest or found to be something caused by negligence or intentional destructive behavior.

What is the difference between trip insurance and vacation damage protection?  They are completely different from each other.

The vacation damage plan is a conveniently cost effective option to save guests from paying large sums of money in a security deposit and still be covered for accidental issues.

The travel insurance covers and protects our guests from financial loss due to a coverable issue pertaining to unexpected reasons leading to a necessity to cancel.

Why should I purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance?  Our cancellation policy is strict and does not allow for refunds based on a variety of issues that can be covered through the purchase of insurance. In order to protect your vacation investment from unavoidable cancellations, it is important that you consider this valuable option. Do understand, that insurance requires documentible items associated with the circumstances surrounding your need to cancel. And, the reason for the cancellation must be a covered issue by the insurance. CSA Travel Insurance is the insurer. We highly recommend reading the documents included in your rental agreement for your review. Once you have notified our office of the need to cancel, you will need to contact CSA direct to submit your claim ad receive your refund.

What is your cancellation policy?    Once placed, non holiday reservations are able to be canceled more than 30 days away to receive a refund minus the service fee. Holiday stays must be canceled more than 90 days away to receive a refund minus the service fee. Both non-holiday and holiday stays will incur service fees when canceled as stipulated in the contract. All cancellations must be received in writing. In brief, once a reservation has been made there will be no full refunds, only partials when appropriate from Gold Rush Resort Rentals. For more details regarding our cancellation policies please see your rental agreement.

What issues should I consider when driving the mountain in the winter?  No matter when you travel, it is always a best idea to look at the weather conditions as well as road conditions prior to departure. 

We also suggest that you bring …….

Carry chains in your car anytime October – April. During snow conditions, the highway patrol will not allow you to drive up the mountain without chains. Some homes are on hills and you will need a 4WD vehicle to get to them during snow conditions. Please check with us first about any house you want to book in the winter, if you don't have a 4WD.

Flash light as nightfall in the mountains becomes very dark as there are limited street lights throughout some communities. This makes the visibility limited when traveling unfamiliar mountain streets and roads.

Shovel to assist you if you need to remove or knock down a berm or help when installing snow chains on car tires.

Blankets are also suggested in the event that you encounter heavy traffic and/or delays due to rock slides, accidents, etc.

Water and food are a good idea in the event you encounter any of the potential delays mentioned above.

What should I expect on the day of check-in regarding snow in the driveway or walk way accesses?   On snow days where 4” or more of snow has fallen there will be plows working the streets removing snow. Standard winter and holiday check-in time is 5:00 pm, we are not the vendor plow and have no control over the timing of the service, however, the vendor plow driver understands that driveways and walkways are to be cleared and ready for check-in time. Each cabin comes equipped with a shovel for our guests convenience.

Snow Berms are created by the city plows as they pass down the street. It is standard to have a home plowed once by a service vendor to clear the driveway area prior to check in. If the plow has done the job and the city continues to drive the streets chances are you will encounter a snow berm between you and the entrance to the driveway. Should you find yourself in this situation you can consider the following options:

Use the shovel you have brought with you for convenience

Retrieve the shovel in the home provided for your convenience.

DO NOT drive over the berm as this will compact the snow and create a solid ice area that you may find difficult to drive over.

Exceptionally Heavy Snow Conditions:                                                                                 

If exceptionally heavy snow conditions exist it can cause a challenge to the City, Cal Trans, as well as the service vendors. This can cause unexpected delays and obstacles in performing services normally preformed under standard conditions. It’s during these challenging conditions that our guests must have patience and understanding. It will be necessary for you to get involved in helping yourself with the snow shovel provided in each house. If you failed to bring your own shovel and you need more than one, shovels can be purchased from a variety of stores in Big Bear. None of us have any control over the situation. We assure you that plows within the City of Big Bear Lake work round the clock to clear the streets. Service vendor plows will continue to work their route until all their cabins have been plowed, this means into the night and wee hours of the morning.

Does Snow Plowing the driveways happen on other days besides check-in days?     

If snow falls occur during anytime or throughout your stay, that meets the city mandates, the vendor plows will be out removing snow. If the vendor plow drives by your address and sees the driveway full of cars or unable to access the area they do not get out of their vehicle to knock on the door and see if anyone is home to remove their cars. This is when the shovels provided become mans best friend.

If there have been no news reports of snow does this mean the ski resorts are closed?     

No, mother nature does not have to provide natural snow in order for the ski resorts to be open. Many times conditions are just right which allows for the resorts to produce snow and allow for great skiing and snow boarding.



















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