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Find Treasures from the Ancient Sea

Added: Dec 21, 2017
Category: Gold Rush Mining Adventures

Millions of years ago, our earth was covered mostly with water, approximately 70%, there was very little land as we know it today. The ancient ocean had a variety of sea life. One species that has consistently dominated the sea then and now is the shark. Many of us tend to think of dinosaurs as dominating the prehistoric world, however, sharks began swimming the seas as far back as 450 million years ago.




For those with a fascination with sea life as well as ancient history, these treasure tanks are sure to excite!

Our sea tanks Include: an assortment of cretaceous sea life, shore shells and todays ocean life, rough and polished gemstones and minerals, crystals, and, because of the significance of the shark species throughout the historical time table we have included shark teeth within every option of our treasure tank. We say our tanks are.....JAWSOME!  Pricing varies according to the size of the tank.

A specimen chart is included with each treasure tank to take home and enjoy for years to come!

Our Current Treasure Tank Options:

SEA STAR................

Your sea hunt begins with the "Sea Star" Treasure Tank. The Sea Star is the entry level into our treasure tank explorations. There are many items from the ancient sea as well as todays exotic and beautiful ocean treasures. The Sea Star Treasure Tank is named such in order to designate size only. It does not have any within the treasure found in the tank.

However, the sea star is an interesting creature all the same. Commonly called, starfish, a sea star is not a fish at all. t’s an echinoderm, closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars.

Fossil records suggest that sea stars came about in the Cambrian period. This was about 500 to 570 million years ago. This is part of the Cambrian burst, a period of time when there was a sudden explosion complex lifeforms on the planet.

There are some 2,000 species of sea star living in all the world’s oceans, from tropical habitats to the cold sea floor. The five-arm varieties are the most common, hence their name, but species with 10, 20, and even 40 arms exist.

GREAT WHITE SHARK....................

Moving beyond the Sea Star, the adventure deepens with our "Great White Shark Tank". Sharks are mysterious and so is our treasure tanks. This tank includes more abundance in fossil shark teeth and other treasures not found within the Sea Star tank.

A little highlighted information about the shark species: The shark species ancestry dates back 250 million years BEFORE dinosaurs. Sharks have survived all five mass extinctions. The oldest fossilized evidence of prehistoric sharks comes from shark-like scales that date to 455 million years ago during the Ordovician Period.

By the mid-Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago, many sharks had evolved into fast-swimming, off-shore predators. It is during this period that modern shark families originated. 

At the end of the Cretaceous, about 65 million years ago, another global catastrophe destroyed a mass number of species, including the dinosaurs. The sharks who survived that extinction include the modern sharks of today.

MEGALODON...... (includes LARGE fossil shark tooth specimen on rock)

For the more serious shark minded enthusiast, we have developed our "Megalodon" tank. This tank includes fossil shark teeth from a variety of shark species, a greater amount of fossil shark teeth than the previous tanks as well as the largest size of shark teeth. An extra special surprise awaits those who choose the Megalodon tank. Be a Chum (pun intended), try one!

Some interesting information about the largest shark to ever dominate the sea: The Megalodon Shark was the largest shark that ever lived. Megalodon ruled the prehistoric sea. Scientists are unclear as to why it became extint.

The Great White shark is a direct descendant of the Megalodon and shares many attributes that are similar to the Megalodon. Megalodon Sharks were known to be as large as 50 feet long and have teeth as large as 10"inches in size. The Megalodons tooth style, shape, and serration structure is duplicated by its decendant the Great White, although the Great White's teeth are not as large. Currently, the largest Great White tooth on record is 2 1/2"inches.

It has been said that some people feel Megalodons still exist. Documentaries have been produced that try to support such theories, however, no one has yet to capture one.


Due to the Mosasaurs comparison and alias as the T-Rex of the Ancient Sea, We created a Treasure Tank that bares its name and also includes a REAL Mosasaur tooth!

MOSASAUR................(includes a fossil Mosasaur tooth specimen on rock)

Our largest treasure tank option is the Mosasaur! The Mosasuar tank is filled with extraordinary treasures and offers a wealth of ancient and modern ocean treasures. Filled with even more unique and exceptional items this is the tank that is sure to take your breath away! You'll need to make sure your oxygen tank is full as your, "Ahaaa", moment will leave your breathless!

June of 2015, the ever popular Jurassic Park franchise released a movie called, Jurassic World, which hi-lights a

gigantic Mosas aur during its story line. Real Mosasaurs lived during the late cretaceous era and are known as the T-Rex of the Ancient Sea even though they were not a dinosaur at all.

Mosasaurs are considered to be the greatest marine reptile that ever lived. They were sleek, streamlined, and fast!

This marine lizard was the most ferocious and aggressive marine predator. They could eat anything they wanted. If a Mosasaur were alive today they could swallow a grown man whole and crush him like he were a tiny grape. They had flipper like paddles for arms and legs. They propelled themselves by moving the back of their bodies and tails in a side to side motion. Mosasaurs were also covered in scales which were probably dark in color. Just as the Megolodon, they too could grew as large as 50 feet long. Although mosasaurs were aquatic, they were reptiles, which means they had to surface to breathe air, like a dolphin or whale.

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